Best All-In-One PC for Starting 2022

Best All-In-One PC for Starting 2022

With the new year coming up soon, everyone is geared up to get their dream gaming PCs at astronomical discounts and fulfill; their dreams. But what about you? Have you decided which beast to go for? We at VoltedPC know that this choice is more challenging than choosing your starter pokemon, so we are here to help!! Here is our pick for the best all in 1 pc you can get to pump up your year!


The gaming OG is a beast in itself, revving with the powerful AMD Ryzen 5 5600x and RTX 3070ti.  Here are the specs for the custom gaming PC by volted pc.

CPU:- amd ryzen 5 5600x

The all-powerful AMD Ryzen 5 is what powers this behemoth. The CPU is powered by 6 CPU cores and whopping 12 threads. With up to 4.6 GHz Clock boost, one can be sure their PC won't let them down when the time calls for it.

Motherboard:- MSI B550 Tomahawk

It is rightfully said that the motherboard is the heart of a motherboard. The MSI B550 is the beast that is needed by you this season. This piece is specifically tailored for gamers and the online gaming PC  by aiming for superfast data transfers on network devices, storage devices, etc. As for stylishness, the motherboard comes with both an enhanced audio boost and the beloved RGB lights!

RAM:- 32GB 3600Mhz G.Skill Trident Z Neo Series (16GBx2)

When it comes to gaming PC comparison, RAM is amongst the most sought component. While the motherboard is the heart, the RAM is its brain, and no one wants their brain to be slow….The DDR4 SDRAM provides that assurance to the consumer of uninterrupted sessions, brilliant gameplay performance, and overall brilliant performance, making it one of the best components for your PC.

Graphics card:- Geforce RTX 3070 ti advanced

The Geforce RTX 3070 ti advanced is a sight to behold. The triple fan configuration helps with the cooling, so maximum performance is the only constant in the games where Geforce RTX 3070 ti advanced every mili second counts. Overclocking is made much more straightforward. Just a push of a button lies between the maximum output and the current one. The fans themselves are smart now and auto-start and stop when needed. Apart from that, the 3 DP and HDMI ports ensure the limitless potential for the beast.

CPU Cooler:- Deepcool Castle 360 RGB V2

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The fantastic Deepcool helps our beast maintain its cool during times of extreme heat! You don't need to worry about the PC in times of intense pressure! Let the castle "Cool you off."

SSD:- Adata XPG Gammix S11 Pro 512GB M.2 NVMe


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The adata gammix pro is the perfect SSD for your custom PC. The tremendous amount of storage provides you ample space to store your games and your videos(in case you are a streamer)! Apart from that, the Adata XPG series is famous for its fast load times, so reading from the device is done at lightning speeds so that you can experience what maximum performance looks like!

HDD:- 1TB WD Blue/Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM

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The classic HDD drive enables another Tb of data to be stored on it, giving the PC ample room and keeping the PC performance in peak shape. The Seagate advantage maintains the fast read speed on the PC, giving the custom gaming PC an added boost.

Cabinet:- Lian Li LanCool II Mesh (white)

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Getting all the parts is one thing. Beautifully optimizing them is another. The Lian Li Lancool is amongst the best and the most cost-effective cabinets on the market. The cabinet helps you manage all your cables (Which will be done by us at volted PC) and help you maintain the clean look of the system.

Power supply:- DeepCool 750W DQ750-M-V2L Gold

The power supply used is the deepcool  750W which is amongst the most renowned on the planet. It provides the PC with ages of functionality and ensures a smooth experience for you as a consumer

OS:- Windows 10 Pro OEM

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Last but not least, the system comes fully equipped with the Windows 10pro OEM operating system. This ensures you a hassle-free experience right from opening the package to as long as your PC lasts!!


All these make The gaming OG the beast it is and a vital product for anyone who wishes to start his custom PC journey on a solid foot. The all-new feature by volted PC makes it mark deep onto the hearts of its beloved customers, which can be seen on the website.

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