Our Story

Making affordable and stylish Custom PCs a reality in India

Get in touch with a sales representative to find a system that suits your needs. From Custom Gaming PCs to accessories like custom fans, We have you covered.

Our Product

Built-in heaven for the devil inside of you. We pour our hearts and sweat (do not worry, we clean the latter) while building your very precious Custom PC Rig. We know that it's not just a product but a dream for you. Thus we work tirelessly to realize it.

Aesthetically pleasing:-

Cable Management:-Nothing should come between you and your games, especially not those pesky wires! We here at volted PC aim for the minimum amount of cables possible( Till the day, wireless PSUs are available!!)

RGB- From extremely pleasing ambient lights that bring a pop to those water-cooled PCs to a stage where you can generate more electricity than Tehri Dam if you place a solar panel in front of your PC. We do it all!

Airflow and thermal management:-

Someone uploaded a video where he cooked bacon on his processor. Do you not wish to replicate this experiment? Well, your system is in safe hands. We thoroughly test the temperatures of your gaming PC before dispatch. Various positions are tried (pun intended) for the liquid coolers before deciding the final installation to receive minimum temperatures and make the custom PC as remarkable as its master.

Software Optimisation

Umm bhaiya wo drivers update krne ke liye software use kr len?

NO, that is our only answer. We handle all the boring stuff (We have interns for this part XD), including a few hardware components like cable management

->Drivers ->BIOS Update ->XMP ->Windows activation ->Games installation -> Stress testing ->Temperature testing Whew that was a handful of tasks. (PS interns are always supervised)

Our Services:-

We are saving thousands of custom pc lives annually. A PC that works perfectly and looks fantastic can make the owner's heart skip a beat on the 1st boot. BUT when it does not boot for thousands of possible reasons, it can lead to several skipped heartbeats. So, from the very first boot to the thousands following it, all our systems are blessed by Volted Baba.

1st Year System integrator Warranty

We pride ourselves on our excellently reviewed after-sales services. If you Don't Topple/Spill liquid/Electrically Execute/Physically Damage your PC, we will take care of the problem. . .Our 1st year integrated warranty makes sure your investment is safe. Manufacturers warranty is extra if needed.

Three years RMA Assistance * ( Optional )

Customers are always our priority. For the first three years, for any part that goes kaput, we will help you get it either repaired/replaced directly from the manufacturer. If the manufacturer takes more than 72 hours to satisfy you, we will provide you with a standby product/system.

Seven years of Technical Support ( Included ) and Free Labour * ( Optional )

If you face any issues with the system, feel free to reach out. Free labor included with all scenarios, which covers system cleaning/maintenance, upgrading any part, and troubleshooting

*currently for NCT only, can be selected as an additional service in cart after selecting state as Delhi / UP (Gurgaon, Noida, etc.) / Haryana (Faridabad, etc.).

Way Back When

Our Beginnings

In 2015 our Founder decided to get his first Gaming PC from Nehru Place. But to his disappointment, the retailers' products and services were unsatisfactory and very expensive. Next, our Founder did what no sane-minded person would do. He dropped out of his prestigious engineering college and decided to start a company whose core value would be customer satisfaction which holds even today. We aim to produce premium-grade PCs at affordable prices for different types, including gaming, streaming, working, or just showing off-spec! Consultation and transparent premium quality assembly process are our specialties. The highly-rated aftersales services offered are like cherry toppings. Another dream of our Founder is global salvation by building a PC for Skynet from Terminator. So, for the sake of humanity, let us keep our hands full with this project.