Best Workstations for Video Editing

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Video Editing

With 4k videos becoming the market standard the requirement for a good powerful PC to edit videos has increased significantly. Edit/Trim/Crop/Cut/Split videos using a PC that compliments your favourite software. We have carefully selected the best set of configurations so you do not have to worry about optimisation or compatibility.A video editing PC renders graphics in motion hence both GPU and CPU are used, all our recommendations are made with a good balance of the two in mind.

Hardware to focus on while buying a Video Editing PC:

  • CPU - Directly impacts the render times. (More cores and threads leads to lower render times)
  • GPU - Directly impacts timeline playback and render times (More CUDA cores with sufficient VRAM helps)
  • RAM - Directly impacts timeline playback specially if multiple softwares are running simultaneously.
  • SSD - A slow HDD can increase the rendering time significantly regardless of the other hardware.
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Sigma Class 6 ( i7 11700K + RTX 3070Ti )

Our Sigma Class 6 series is build for Video Editing and support upto 6K resolution.

  • Intel i7 11700K
  • 32GB 3200MHz XPG D30/G.skill Ripjaws/T-Force Vulca...
  • MSI 240mm Coreliquid AIO
  • 1TB NVMe M.2 Gen 4 Aorus SSD
  • 1TB WD Blue/Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM
  • NZXT H510 (Matte White)
  • Windows 10 Pro OEM